People celebrate Hug a Plumber Day

It’s Hug a Plumber day and people across the nation are celebrating the unique holiday in different ways.

Duluth Trading Company is offering special deals and free shirts to plumbers but these shirts aren’t just regular shirts.

“Well if people don’t know what a long tail tee is it was Duluth Trading’s answer to what the plumber crack situation is. Plumbers find themselves in compromising positions and sometimes your shirt doesn’t stay tucked in,” said Marcus McConico, Assistant Store Manager of Duluth Trading Company. 

Despite the growing demand for licensed plumbers, most teens and students no longer consider a career as a plumber due to the perception of it being a “dirty” job.

Despite this statistic, if you’ve got a plumber in or around your home give them a hug and say thank you for happy flushing.

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