Knowing Your Neighbors: Eveleth Country Foods IGA

Grocery serves award winning meats and customer service.

Even though they’ve won numerous awards for their great eats, the Eveleth Country Foods IGA is known even more for its customer service. 

You can expect to find the staples in every bag at the Eveleth Country Foods IGA, but look a little closer and you’ll see award winners that make this store one of a kind.

“Some are family recipes. Some are in house recipes that we came up with trial and error. We have a full line of cooked brats, different cheeses with different vegetables in them,” said store owner Dean Spragg.

The store’s been around since the fifties and it’s tradition to come in at the very least a few times a week if not a couple of times a day.

“I get a lot of stuff from the deli. It’s fresh food, good tasting, good service and they give you an excellent portion which is what you’re asking for,” said customer Shawn Anderson.

The meat department produces nearly forty different kinds of homemade sausages with the polish and summer being the number one sellers.

The store will go through 150 pounds in just a week and a half.

“It’s just a secret recipe, secret seasonings that we don’t let anybody get out,” said Spragg.

People come far and wide for the porketta, a seasoned pork butt roast and the porketta loaf. 

“If you like porketta, you’d love it because I love it. The meat guys they make that and we slice it and it tastes like porketta but in salami form and it’s definitely delicious,” said Lilly Stevenson who works in the deli department.

Shoppers als eat up fresh fried chicken, subs, and get lunch daily from the deli that might rival what mom makes.

“It’s a family atmosphere,” said Spragg.

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