Reinkall Fills Many Roles For Spartans

Justin Reinkall pitches for Superior and is their number three hitter.

Junior Justin Reinkall fills many roles on the field for the superior baseball team.

“Justin’s not just a pitcher for us, he’s also our number three hitter. Hes got great bat speed, he runs the bases well so he helps us in all areas of our game,” said Don Dembroski, Superior baseball coach.

Even when Reinkall is off the field he still serves the Spartans as an assistant captain.

“It was player choice. The players recognize him as a leader on the team,” said Dembroski.

“I just try to make a good example for everyone. Try to do everything right, not really screwing off, just telling kids what to do, or if they’re messing around telling them to get focused,” said Reinkall.

Reinkall’s favorite role to fill is on the mound.

“I’ve always just liked watching MLB players’ pitch and it’s just my dad pitched back in the day. He just always taught me pitching first so i always liked pitching,” said Reinkall.

That is where Reinkall’s coaches like to see him.

“He’s going to pitch in our biggest games against the top of the lineup guys for us all year and he was our go to guy last year,” said Dembroski.

Reinkall is a velocity guy, sitting in the mid eighties but he’s working on adding even more to that arsenal.

“This year he’s developing more of a curve ball and a change up starting to play with a little split finger fastball too as well so as those pitches come along he’s going to get tougher and tougher for us,” said Dembroski.

The Spartans have Reinkall for two more seasons.

“He’s not at his ceiling this year he’s going to do even better things for us next year and go on to college and do some pretty good things there too,” said Dembroski.

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