Grand Rapids Child Care License Revoked after Child Injuries Unexplained in Person’s Care

A Grand Rapids woman has been stripped of her child care license after an infant was injured in care and she could not explain the injuries. 

The Minnesota Department of Human Services issued an Order of Revocation on April 14. 

According to reports, an infant suffered a skull fracture and a bilateral subdural hematoma while in Janet Litchke-Lint’s care. Litchke-Lint had no explanation for the child’s injuries.  Itasca County determined she was responsible for the abuse of the infant. 

In October of 2015, the Commissioner of Department of Human Services determined that the health, safety and rights of children in her care were in “imminent risk of harm” and immediately suspended her license to provide family child care.  

Litchke-Lint has the right to appeal the revocation of her license. 

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