Great Outdoors: Erosion Control and Storm Water Management Session

Training bridges the gap between those who make the plans and contractors.

Superior is training local contractors on how to get on the same page with the city so things are done properly and done right the first time.

With the recent rains and the beginning of the busiest part of construction season just around the corner, protecting waterways remain a top priority.

Superior held their inaugural erosion control and storm water management training session.

Around thirty local contractors learned more about inlet protection and how to properly construct and maintain a silt fence among other topics.

What I want them to take away is that erosion control is extremely important and it doesn’t have to be hard to do. We can all work together. We’re all on the same team. Essentially we want to make sure it’s done right the first time which will save people time and money and have projects be better in the long run,” said Superior Water Resource Coordinator Kristy DeVera.

The training bridges the gap between the people who make the plans, those who implement those plans and the contractors.

“I’ve done work in the city of Superior, just trying to keep on top of the rules and regulations and stay compliant,” said Chuck Jerome of Jerome Excavating Contractors.

Last month, the city hosted a similar session but that one focused on planners. Superior wants to make the training into an annual event. There’s even talk of them bringing in a national certification course next year.

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