New HIV Cases Rise Significantly Among Some Populations in MN

The number of new HIV infections in Minnesota last year stayed about the same as 2014, but state health officials are expressing concern about a significant increase in some populations and groups. 

The Minnesota Department of Health said Wednesday new HIV cases among people aged 20 to 29 increased by 24 percent in 2015.  And 58 percent of new cases were people of color.  Among females, more than half of new cases were African-born women.  The number of cases among intravenous drug users rose by 86 percent over 2014. 

The state had 294 new HIV-AIDS cases last year, down from 306 the previous year. 

State health commissioner Dr. Edward Ehlinger says the rising infection rates in communities with limited access to HIV testing and prevention programs are due to continuing social, medical or income disadvantages. 

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