Duluth Grill Pickled Jalapenos

Cooking Connection: Pickled Jalapenos

For this week’s Cooking Connection we made pickled jalapenos out of the Duluth Grill Cookbook.

Cookbook author, Robert Lillegard, showed FOX 21 Sunrise’s William Seay how it was done. 

Pickled Jalapenos:

-Cut up jalapenos and onion
-Put vegetables in mason jar
-Add brine to vegetables


-Add vinegar and sugar to pot
-Add turmeric
-Add mustard seeds
-Add salt
-Add celery seed
-Add ginger
-Bring to boil

You can pick up the Duluth Grill cookbook at the restaurant, at the Bookstore at Fitgers, Duluth Kitchen Company, or at a few local book stores in the Twin Cities.

For more information head to www.duluthgrill.com.

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