Homegrown More About The Experience Than The Finances

Business' enjoy celebrating the experience of Homegrown

“Homegrown is very much… It’s feast or famine essentially,” said Bob Monahan, Owner of the Red Herring.

There are over 40 venues that house the various concerts and on those nights they’re all but guaranteed a crowd.

“Getting to host an event Sunday and Monday was a nice bonus because normally we’re closed on Sundays and Mondays tend to be quieter nights,” said Monahan.

But even the business’ without events can benefit from the crowd that Homegrown brings.

“I think more people are just out and about. You have your regulars that eat out every week at all of these different establishments but on top of that you just have a ton more people out and about,” said Nathan Holte, a performer and server at one of the many venues.

With crowds following the concerts, other places are left empty quite a bit.

“Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday are like a ghost town around here, people are at all the other shows going on,” said Monahan.

For most venues, the week is more about the experience then the finances.

“I’d say its kind of a wash, but at the same time we would never even consider not participating in it because not only do we want to support it but we want to be a part of it,” said Monahan

One added benefit for businesses that host homegrown through out the week is the new faces that the festival brings in.

“Let’s say it’s someones first homegrown and they go out to a new place and discover a new venue or the discover a new restaurant and they have a blast. They don’t forget how much fun they had,” said Holte.

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