Squaw Lake Man Sentenced for Accidental Shooting

A Squaw Lake man will spend one year behind bars after accidentally shooting and killing his friend in November of last year. 

As part of a plea agreement, 18-year-old Walter Everett Charwood will also serve fifteen years of supervised probation.   Charwood is also banned from owning a firearm. 

Charwood pleaded guilty in March to First Degree Manslaughter charges in the shooting death of his 17-year-old friend. 

The shooting happened on the morning of November 29, 2015.  According to the criminal complaint, Charwood loaded a gun inside of the house and flicked off the safety. The gun discharged, striking the 17-year-old victim.  Charwood told police the shooting was an accident, and the victim was one of his best friends.  He also said he didn’t know why he loaded the gun inside of the home.  

An autopsy revealed the teen died as a result of a gunshot wound that entered his right dorsal torso and exited the left side of his neck. 

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