Walker Approves Rule Requiring Drug Testing for Unemployment Benefits

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has approved an emergency rule requiring certain citizens to pass a drug test in order to receive unemployment benefits. 

Under the new rule, submitted by the Department of Workforce Development, if someone on Unemployment Insurance fails a drug test or refuses to take one from an employer as part of an offer of employment, he or she can be denied unemployment insurance benefits. 

Those who fail the drug test must comply with substance abuse treatment and a job skills assessment to remain eligible for unemployment benefits.  The rule will take effect next week. 

“This new rule brings us one step closer to moving Wisconsinites from government dependence to true independence,” Governor Walker said. “We frequently hear from employers that they have good paying jobs, but they need their workers to be drug-free. This rule is a common-sense reform which strengthens our workforce by helping people find and keep a family supporting job.” 

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