Travel To North Carolina Banned By Minnesota Universities

UMD Athletics Feel Effects of Athletic Ban

It was Governor Mark Dayton who directed state employees to stop non–essential travel to North Carolina, the move comes in response to a controversial North Carolina law.

A law limiting protection for those who identify as LGBT, as FOX 21’s Dilan Michaels explains, some Minnesota college athletic teams are also now avoiding travel for the same reason.

The Minnesota state college and university system  is now prohibiting athletic teams from traveling to North Carolina because of the law.

UMD along with the rest of the schools in the Minnesota system will not participate in any athletics taking place in North Carolina, this would include the division 2 national baseball tournament set to take place there later this spring.

Something that has given UMD athletes even more to think about.

“It’s white noise surrounding the team right now, it’s something that those guys can’t control “

While many share the belief that the ban isn’t far to the team, but others say it has to be all or nothing.

“I understand wanting to send the UMD baseball team despite the ban. it’s important that we keep our word that we’re not going to do this, if we say it’s okay for them to do this, even by sending our baseball team, that’s sending a message to the entire community.”

For UMD baseball though they’re more focused on the present than the future.

“Those guys are locked in and they know what they can control so they have a big series tonight against St. Cloud and i think that’s where their mind is at, it’s not about an article”

But for the rest of UMD the issue is still far from over.

“It would outrage the public but the school can do whatever they want because it’s part of the sports teams, but it isn’t really about sports teams.”

“There’s two sides to every story, you earn a spot in the tourney you don’t just get a spot in that and get to go to North Carolina, I guess if it comes to it they say its going to be evaluated, but i’d hope they’d get to go.”

The UMD athletic department has released a statement saying they would re–evaluate the travel ban after the bulldogs take on st. cloud and know whether they’re in the NCAA tournament for sure.

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