Emotional Moments as Superior Police Welcome New Officers

Afghanistan Veteran Joins Ranks in Superior Police Dept.

The ceremony begins with the Honor Guard marching in formation.

Then follows the National Anthem, and then a prayer.

The Superior Police Department is welcoming three new officers into its ranks.
“You’re here today because we felt that you’re honest, and fair, and compassionate,” said Police Chief Nicholas Alexander, addressing his newest officers. “These are things that we can’t teach you. But your family and friends here are the ones that already did.”

Superior resident Joseph Collins will graduate from UW Superior this year.

Joshua Kneeland is from Duluth; he’s served as a park ranger, and his brother is an officer in Proctor.

Johnathan Fontaine’s grandfather was an officer years ago.
“I always just grew up hearing stories from him, so I knew policing is where I wanted to end up,” Fontaine said, with a confident grin.

Fontaine graduated from Denfeld High School in 2011.

He’s from a military family, and just months after his high school graduation, after enlisting in the Army, he served on the front lines as infantry in Afghanistan.

The 23-year-old will tell you stories of his tour of duty, and he’ll do it with a smile, but there is great maturity behind that smile.

Now, after serving his country, he’s home and ready to serve his community.

“It’s just so surreal; I worked very hard to get to this moment, and it’s all paid off,” Fontaine said. “And when my grandfather stood up and pinned the badge on me it was one of the greatest moments of my life.”
On Monday, all three of the new officers will be in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, to start the academy.

That first step of their formal training will take 17 weeks.

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