Sister Lisa Maurer, Holding the Saints Football Team to a High Standard

Maurer is going in to her third season as the CSS kickers and punters coach.

For some people sports are a religion.

“I love competition, i love the anticipation of game day, i really do,” said Sister Lisa Maurer.

Maurer is no stranger to the sidelines.

“I coached volleyball, basketball and softball,” said Maurer.

Maurer had a higher calling than sports.

“You feel Gods call and it’s a blessing and it’s an honor to feel the lord calling you to that,” said Maurer.

It was eight years ago that Maurer became Sister Lisa and came to St. Scholastica.

“At the same time that football came to scholastica was the same time I became a sister… Low and behold football started practicing literally in my backyard. So I would go to football practice just to watch,” said Maurer.

In 2014 the Saints made a coaching change.

“Coach Ramler, our current coach came on the scene I went to meet him and introduce myself and just talk football,” said Maurer.

That first meeting left Kurt Ramler with a revelation.

“It kind of hit me, here’s this passionate person invested in the program, who’s father was a coach and might really be able to help us out in other ways besides being our spiritual guide,” said Ramler.

Coach Ramler decided to go for a Hail Mary and offer Maurer a position on the team, as the kickers and punters coach.

“It was really his idea i had no preconceived plan that i would ever coach football or ever coach anything,” said Maurer.

Maurer was hesitant at first.

“I didn’t want it to be pretend, you know that “Oh it’s cute that we have sister coaching for us”,”┬ásaid Maurer.

Ramler let her know, he wasn’t looking for a gimmick.

“We really asked her to go above and behind and learn and obviously she’s brilliant,” said Ramler.

The coaching addition came as a surprise to some.

“I think we got some raised eyebrows from a few of the players initially… I’m not so sure what the other coaches thought, doesn’t matter to be honest,” said Ramler.

Some may have questioned the coaching move but to those on the field it couldn’t be more natural.

“I don’t even think about it to be honest it’s just a regular coach,” said Ramler.

“Obviously you try not to swear around her but overall it’s not that much different. She hangs around us, she jokes around with us not much changed,” said Donovan Blatz, Saints kicker.

Maurer holds her players to a higher standard.

“I think all coaches should do that but at the same time I think it’s a little extra when one of our coaches is wearing a habit,” said Ramler.

Now, heading in to her third season with the team Maurer has been a blessing for the Saints.

“Without any question she’s helped the program tremendously,” said Ramler.

“It’s really exciting she brings a lot to help me out as a kicker. She’s always happy always excited, always brings a smile to my face and everyone around and always jokes with us which is pretty great,” said Blatz.

Maurer did so well her first year, Ramler decided to give her more of the playbook.

“Last year she also helped out with our scout team offense, and does a very good job there in that role,” said Ramler.

“That’s really helped me learn a lot about football and get to know the guys even more closely, because i work with them a little bit more,” said Maurer.

Even with the extra responsibility Maurer finds time for the sisters and the boys.

“Usually I pray in the morning with my sisters…. By three o’clock, or four o’clock I scoot home really quick and get to the football field and practice with the team,” said Maurer.

Maurer stays in the word, on and off the field.

“My vocation is me, and my coaching is me and so they really are one in the same and I don’t separate myself because that’s not how god made me, and I think god gave me these gifts and talents to use,” said Maurer.

But what to call her might get a little tricky.

“I know i’m always confused if i should call her Sister Lisa or coach, but both work,” said Ramler.

It’s without a doubt a unique situation but for St. Scholastica Maurer was an answer to their prayers.

“I don’t know who else could do what she’s doing perhaps. I think that it just fits, when you meet Sister Lisa and talk with her she’s a coach,” said Ramler.

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