Softball Brings Thomas Out of Her Shell

Breanna Thomas gets confident and comfortable on the field.

For Breanna Thomas the softball diamond is home.

“I’m usually really shy but when i do get out there it just kind of goes over my head, it’s just not there anymore; it’s a comfortable place for me,” said Thomas.

Playing softball brings Thomas confidence and comfort, on and off the field.

“Being so shy when i was little this has kind of brought me out of my shell and i guess i appreciate that so much, so it just makes it special that a sport could do that for me,” said Thomas.

Thomas’ place on the field is in the middle of all the action, pitching.

“I like the challenge of it i guess, there’s a lot of mental things that go in to it and so I guess it’s made me stronger there and I love pressure I always do really well under pressure,” said Thomas.

The hawks know who to turn to when the game is on the line.

“Well your team’s got to trust your pitcher and certainly last year in the sectional finals, she put together a run in almost an unwinnable situation and was able to get her team out of it so that did a lot going to last year for her to believe in herself and her team to believe in her,” said Hermantown softball coach, Tom Bang.

Her team depends on her but Thomas depends on them as well.

“I’ve been in my fair share of tough situations and a lot of the time I remind myself of what my parents tell me. They tell me I have a great defense behind me, so in the case where someone does get a hit, I know I have wonderful girls and teammates behind me, who are there to back me up,” said Thomas.

Thomas and the Hawks have had plenty of success already this season and with another season left before she graduates, Bang doesn’t see her slowing down anytime soon

“We’ve got a good team coming back and she’s going to certainly be part of that,” said Bang.

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