Knowing Your Neighbors: Steve’s Pepper Sauce

Pepper Sauce is heating up the Northland.

After owning a print shop for thirty years, one local businessman decided to spice things up.

He started making his own pepper sauce that’s quickly been heating up the Northland.

With flavor that bursts out bottle after bottle, Steve’s Pepper Sauce in Grand Rapids brings the heat.

“There’s no limit you can go with it. Hot is getting to be a whole phenomenon. People are starting to realize you can add a little bit of spice to that meal and change things up a little bit,” said owner Steve Olds.

Steve Olds began growing peppers with his brother. When they had a bumper crop of 150 pounds, they froze the peppers and made a homemade sauce.

“I worked a lot of recipes into this until it was the one people would go wow that tastes great,” said Olds.

Steve would give the pepper sauce out to family and friends until his wife gave him the go-ahead to mix together another business.

“She goes go ahead, let’s sell it. But don’t lose the house,” said Olds.

Years later they still have the house and a new bottling and production facility that they’ve been for about a year.

“That’s when I thought I might have something there,” said Olds.

Now Steve’s Pepper Sauce is in over 150 locations and has everyone enjoying it to the last drop.

Steve’s Pepper Sauce comes in mild medium, hot and triple X.

“For people that are a little sadistic or maybe they don’t have any tastebuds, I don’t know,” said Olds.

Steve wants his sauces to complement the food you’re making rather than overpower it. He’s heard customers use it on everything from pizza to popcorn, hot wings and even bloody Mary’s.

“You really you knew you had a chance of getting something accomplished when you’ve got the whole community behind you,” said Olds.

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