Uncovering 75 Years of History at Wade Stadium

Northland Uncovered: Duluth Huskies

Baseball season is here and the home opener for the Duluth Huskies is coming up.

This year, the team is coming back with a new general manager.

Greg Culver grew up in Lake Nebagamon and often came to games at Wade Stadium.

In those days it wasn’t the Huskies, but the Duluth Dukes filling the seats at Wade Stadium.

“The Dukes were here from 1993–2002,” said Culver.

Before the play in the nineties, there was no baseball at the Wade for many years.

From 1970 all the way until 1992 there was what Culver calls a “baseball drought”.

The crack of the bat returned with a “Save the Wade” campaign.

“Mayor Gary Doty actually came through with about $500,000,” Culver explained.

That money provided updates to Wade Stadium and brought baseball back to life in Duluth.

“It was a good time. I was here, I was going to the games, I was very happy that the Dukes were back, it was a lot of fun,” Culver recalls.

After the Dukes left for Kansas City in 2002, Bobby McCarthy started the Duluth Huskies in 2003.

Now, recent stadium renovations have changed the game.

“With our weather, with the moisture we have, the snow the rain, everything, you need a field that can handle it,” Culver explained.

Culver says new turf is making baseball a constant in Duluth, “the drainage on this field, it can rain for 10 hours straight and within 45 minutes it’s bone dry.”

Culver hopes to make concourse, bathroom and concession changes in the coming years.

With many focused on the field and stadium, there are also coaches focused on the talent.

Culver says when Coach Hersey is putting together a team he’s not looking for superstars, “we’re looking for the best quality character kid that that university has to offer.”

Culver says these athletes are quality baseball players and also great additions to the community. 

This year the team has their first player from Europe. 

The home opener for the Huskies is June 4, 2016.

The gates open at 5 p.m. with Big Wave Dave and the Ripples playing a show.

After the game fireworks will be set off over the field.

For more information on the Duluth Huskies and to see their full schedule, head to their website

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