McGregor Prepares For 2016 Governor’s Fishing Opener

Local Businesses Expect Large Crowds

McGregor Minnesota already defines itself as a fishing town. After 5 years of trying, 2016 is the year they finally get to take that passion to the next level.

Lisa Kruse, of the McGregor Chamber of Commerce said, “I think we’re kind of a hidden gem. McGregor is a great little destination for some outdoor recreation. I think there is a lot of people that aren’t quite familiar with the different types of amenities that we have locally.”

The governors fishing opener has always drawn big crowds in Minnesota, and now McGregor is finally getting their piece of the pie.

Kruse comments, “It’s really important because it’s vital to the business to get that exposure to survive.”

With an economy supported by the outdoors, having an event like this in town is no small potatoes.

Kruse explains, “We are really exposing our community and all the different outdoor activities to hopefully attract them in the future.”

It will be an extra exciting weekend for Willey’s Sports Shop owner Ron Flatten, as he expects a special guest Friday.

Ron Flatten said, “We have Governor Mark Dayton coming up to enjoy the festivities, and it sounds like from the phone call I got last Friday, he wants to stop by and pick up his license, and maybe check out some lures.”

It will be more than just the governor reeling something in this weekend, it’s the town of McGregor that’s making the real catch.

Flatten explains, “The visibility, hopefully they do well and they remember us and come back. You know? We’ve never been up here, that was really fun, great lake, great time. that’s our goal.”

More than 500 people are expected hit to the water Saturday on Big Sandy Lake to do some fishing, and that doesn’t include around 2500 others expected to flood the area for other attractions. Making this weekend especially important for local business to start this fishing season off on the right foot.

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