Ashland Looks to Remove Ban on Gas Stations Selling Alcohol

Committee votes to remove ban. It will go before council on May 31st.

An Ashland city ordinance bans the sale of beer and other alcohol in gas stations, but the city might be changing their stance on the issue.

Voters turned down the issue in a referendum in 2010, but it’s taking on a new life with news that a popular chain wants to come into town.

“It’s probably one of the toughest decisions a city council is going to face,” said Ashland Police Chief Jim Gregoire. 

Strong words from the Ashland Chief of Police as the committee of the whole in Ashland decided whether or not they should remove a ban on alcohol sales in gas stations.

“Give this economic development a chance. If it brings in even half the jobs that they say they do, it’s going to be a tremendous benefit,” said one citizen.

In 2010, voters in Ashland decided to not change the ordinance.

“We’re serious, we will not bargain our lives and our children’s lives,” said another citizen.

But with news that Kwik Trip could come to Ashland with three new stores, some want to do what they can to bring the popular chain into town.

“It seems like when Kwik Trip comes, you should sell tickets. We seem to draw a crowd,” said a Kwik Trip representative.

With debate bubbling up, the committee decided six to five to allow the gas stations to sell.

“I would like to hope that I raised my kids well enough that they’re not drinking in high school but I can’t always guarantee everything my kids do including in college and I can’t guarantee what the friends of my kids do,” said Ashland resident Elizabeth Sutton.

The city council will take up the issue at their meeting on May 31st.

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