Ten Students are Headed to Washington Hoping to Gain Cultural Experience

Students Prepare for Trip Halfway Across the Country

Ten students from Northern Lights high school have received what is called the Global Learners Grant which is allowing them to go on a trip to Seattle.

The students will leave Monday night and go to the Olympic Peninsula in the ocean-side town of La Push, on the Quileute reservation.

They will spend eight days living and working with the community.

While there, they will meet elders, students and families.

Suzanne Dustrude Starr, a teacher at Northern Lights, said “The whole goal is global understanding and knowing there is a common humanity. We need to connect people with people.”

A Minnesota based non–profit organization called Xperitus is donating more than $16,000 which pays for around 80% of the trip and students were able to fund raise the rest.

For most of these students, it will be their first time on a plane.

Elizabeth Swanson, a student at Northern Lights, said “I’m hoping to make new friends and become more culturally aware of things going on within our country and within the world.”

The students look forward to activities like participating in drum circles, being by the ocean and going hiking.

The 10 students were chosen for the trip based on their grades and attendance.

The group will head to Minneapolis Monday night and take off for Seattle Tuesday morning.

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