The Hayward Community Continues to Rebuild After Major Flooding

Some Businesses in Hayward Lose Customers because of Flooding

It has been three days since Hayward received around five inches of rain in a very short time.

Now, for the first time in many years, several main roads and highways around Hayward have been flooded and closed down.

The flooding is causing headaches for many businesses and it is affecting not only sales, but also the way they are handling their customers

Nikki Bernecker, the Parts Manager at Hayward Chrysler, said “When people come in for appointments they are taking longer and we are calling to tell them which roads are open and if they need to reschedule.”

Employees continue to work in these conditions but with more rain in the forecast, they grow even more concerned about losing business traffic.

Natasha Shimko, an employee at Hayward Chrysler, said “It’s a waiting game so hopefully it doesn’t get worse. We are running out of room to move vehicles and we are hoping it doesn’t rise anymore than it already has.”

For now, community members are doing whatever they can to prevent more damage, and prepare for the possibility of more flooding problems.

Ralph Hall, the Manager of Kravin Frozen Yogurt, said “They said that this happened two years ago but not to this extent. I was glad the city came out and put sandbags there, it’s saving a lot of trouble but it did get into the basement. We got twenty inches in the basement.”

Clean up will definitely take a while and the biggest wish is for some dry weather to be in the forecast to help out that process.

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