Ashland County Assistance Efforts

Ashland Co. Sheriff's Office gives helpful hand in flooding

The following information comes from a release from the Ashland County Sheriff’s Office following the week long efforts thus far to repair severe damages from the July 11th flooding.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation received notice that $2.5 million in emergency federal funding is being released to assist in the repair of State Highways damaged during flooding last week.

IF YOUR WELL HAS BEEN FLOODED: If you have noticed a change in water quality, or the flood water has been surrounding or covering the casing and cover your well, you should not used the water until your well has been tested for bacteria contamination. Ashland County Health Department is offering to test wells that have been affected by the flood at no cost.  Call them at 715-682-7004 or toll free at 877-682-7004

Until testing is completed, drink bottled water or water from a known safe source. If necessary, boil water for five minutes to ensure safety for consumption. The Ashland County Health and Human Services Department has information about water testing after a flood available at their website.

The Red Cross Flood Clean-up kits are available for pick up at the Ashland County Health and Human Services, 630 Sanborn Ave, Ashland, and the Sanborn Community Center, 42478 Co. Hwy E. These kids are free for family affected by the flood and contain a bucket, mop, broom, scrub brush sponge, gloves, bags, cleaner, and bleach.

FoodShare Replacement benefits are available for those who lost food due to the severe weather in northern Wisconsin last week. FoodShare members who lost food due to the flooding or power outages caused by the storms may request replacement benefits for food purchased with July benefits. For additional information visit:

Surrounding county highway departments are providing mutual aid to the Ashland County Highway Department for road repair. As you navigate through Ashland County, please respect and be cautious around road crews and law enforcement while they work to ensure your safety and repair roads.

Remember road barricades are there for your protection – DO NOT attempt to drive around them.

For the most up to date information visit:

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