Bad River Band Tribal Members Continue Clean Up After Storm

Storm Displaced Dozens of People in Bad River

Dianna Bressette had been helping with traffic control the morning after the storm, when she was alerted that her home might be in danger.

“I had a guy come up and told me I have about 3 hours to get to my house and get everything out because it was going to flood,” said Bressette.

Bressette hurried home as fast as she could, but within ten minutes of arriving, the flood came in.

“It was literally a wall 5 feet tall wall that come through the trees, it sounded like somebody crashed through the trees, once it hit the ground it was just like, spread everywhere and just started flooding,” said Bressette.

Bressette was able to save all of her dogs and some of her rabbits. But her family was separated due to flooded roads cutting off access.

” I believe we’ve had about 50 homes total impacted, the last numbers I had were 10 were destroyed, 7 major damage, 6 minor damage, and 23 affected,” said James Stone, the Incident Commander on the Bad River Reservation.

Tribal members are still assessing damage to infrastructure like roads and bridges.

Many of the people who were displaced from their homes stayed at hotels in Ashland, and people who still can’t go home are staying at the Bad River Casino.

“We’ve been providing meals at the casino and through the social services department, and the Red Cross has come in and they’ve started providing hot meals for us now,” said Stone.

In the wake of the tragedy, the community continues to reach out to each other.

It’s just a small indication of the Bad River Band’s Resilience.


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