Knowing Your Neighbors: Norman’s One Stop

Norman's One Stop sells everything from fishing supplies to toys to unique gifts.

Norman’s One Stop in Orr is a one stop shop for everything that’s needed for a great day on the lake.

Whether a customer needs fishing supplies or toys to entertain the kids, this store reels them in from all over the world.

The Normans stock the shelves during their busiest season of the year. They sell a little bit of everything at their gas station, convenience store and hotel.

The Normans took over the store in 2007, because it was Tony Norman’s dream to run and operate it.

He’s still busy working road construction so until that comes to a stop, the ladies in his life, his wife and two daughters, run the store.

“The tourists they’ll ask me how do you work with your daughters do you ever argue? Do you ever find that’s hard? It’s not. It’s really fun,” said owner Lynne Norman.

Norman’s One Stop has all of Pelican Lake’s needs from gas to bait and tackle to convenience items and gifts.

“Everybody’s in such a good mood, they’re up here on vacation,” said Norman.

While many come to the lake for a little rest and relaxation, the entire Norman family keeps busy including their pets. The dogs greet anyone who walks in with a tail wag.

“It’s a lot of fun meeting a lot of nice people,” said Norman.

When you’re in the business of selling memories, the fun never stops even when you’re at work.

“Whenever you’re in Orr, stop by,” said Norman.

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