The Red Cross Responds to Odanah Flood Victims

The Red Cross Provides Water, Counseling and Relief to Flood Victims

Red Cross workers are set up to try to meet the immediate essential needs of flood victims in that region.

Many have been stuck without resources since flash flooding washed away big sections of main highways into town last week.

Bad River in Odanah received more than five inches of rain and families lost electricity, homes, and belongings.

More than five dozen Red Cross workers and tribal officials from around Wisconsin, have traveled to work alongside community leaders in hopes to provide relief to flood victims.

Barbara Behling, the Communications Officer for Red Cross, said “This flood has highlighted the need for disaster response and we are making sure people have the emergency needs and we are helping them with long term needs as well.”

Some people lost power, others lost their homes and all of their belongings.

Esie Leoso-Corbine, the Social Family Service Director for the Bad River Tribe, said “Both of my sisters were victims and they lost everything and their homes. We are coming together now and we are so grateful for those who responded to our needs.”

The Red Cross will be headquartered at the Multi Agency Resource Center on the Bad River Reservation through Wednesday with very flexible hours.

Agencies and local businesses have been donating all kinds of products like canned goods and sunscreen.

Leoso-Corbine said, “We keep it open because we don’t know when they will get here. We just know they are coming and resources are here and when they can come, they will be here.”

Services available at the center include housing and recovery information and bulk items like water and clean up kits.

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