Duluth Holds Public Safety Town Hall

The Civilian Review Board, Police and Fire Departments were all in attendance.

In wake of the recent tragedies Duluth officials came together Tuesday afternoon to address the relationship between the community and those protecting and working for it.

Chief of Police Mike Tusken, Deputy Fire Chief Shawn Krizaj and Mayor Emily Larson were just some of the representatives that took questions Tuesday.

Tusken responded to many citizens concerned about their safety after the multiple officer involved shootings these past couple weeks. Tusken also discussed the difficulty of being behind the badge.

“We often times see people at their worst and cops can get cynical and get a hard heart. And you see tragedy, and you see kids get run over by cars and you see people die in accidents and it is very heavy, heavy work,” said Tusken.

The meeting was spurred from negative events in the world but the panel wanted to remind people that they are here, and open to listen to what’s working and fix what is not.

“We are also here because this is kind of an exciting time for everybody. We’ve got a new Police Chief, we got a new Fire Chief, we got a new mayor, we got new councilors and a new human rights officer and everyone is really willing to look at this problem and work together,” said Krizaj.

The hope is that by continuing meetings like this one and keeping the conversation open, Duluth will be able to avoid the tragedies that have affected other communities.

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