Communities Begin to Rebuild After Flooding

Many lost belongings as waters washed them away

In the small town of Grand View, Wisconsin many homes and vehicles were swept away as the storm passed through.

Now, families in this community are working hard to rebuild and recover from the destruction.

John Black is from Houston, Texas which makes him very familiar with flooding but nothing, he says, like this.

Black said, “I’ve owned this cabin fifteen years. I have seen the water rise but that’s it. No one in the area has ever seen it like this. This is monumental.”

Black and his two sons couldn’t believe their eyes as they watched a nearby creek get closer and closer to their cabin’s front door.

Finally, Black decided it was time to leave.

Black said, “I pulled the car in front of the cabin and by the time we started loading the car the water was at the tires so we had to pick up and get out.”

For now, a lot of people who have homes or cabins in Grand View are staying busy looking for what was lost in the rushing water.

Niel Josephson, Blacks neighbor, said “I sat out and watched the river and I saw tables, chairs, lumber, trees, propane tanks.  Anything you could imagine was going down that river.”

Black says despite all the damage, he’s just happy to be alive and will work to rebuild his cabin.

Black said, “It hasn’t hit me completely. I walk inside and I think of the memories here but I have my family and I’m fortunate so I’m going to take the high road and make it better.

It’s estimated around seven inches of rain fell in the Grand View area as the storm passed through.

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