Duluth is Praised by Transportation Secretary

Accomplishments by the City of Duluth are recognized by Anthony Foxx

From the office of Congressman Rick Nolan, it has been reported that the Transportation Secretary, Anthony Foxx could not have been more impressed by the city of Duluth and the collaboration resulting in its economic successes.

“From a transportation standpoint, the most important thing is knowing where your region wants to go, and Duluth knows that,” Secretary Foxx pointed out during a news conference, last Thursday. “From expanding the airport and the Port of Duluth, to high speed rail, to biking and hiking trails and your local transit system, this region has a plan.”

The Duluth safety amendment to the Transportation Bill that allowed 99,000 ton logging trucks to use I-35 and steer clear of downtown, was praised by local panelists. Vanta Coda, Executive Director of the Duluth Port Authority, pointed out that the Port supports over 11,000 jobs and $546 million in annual wages.

The long-term Transportation Bill that was passed last year in Congress, will provide nearly $4 billion for Minnesota roads, bridges, and transit over the next five years.

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