Gino’s Hunt for the Best Burger Part 1

Traveling Across the Northland to Find the Best Burger

Summer is right around the corner. For many that means prime burger season is nearby. Tonight we have a special report where FOX 21s Gino Recchia Travels across the Northland searching for the best burger around.

Hamburgers are one of America’s most iconic meals. And a lot goes into the process into a great tasting burger from the seasoning to the perfect side. But we are not going to start our story here in the restaurants

But rather here at one of the thousands of cattle farms across the country

To get a great tasting burger, you need to start with great tasting beef. And where else to learn more about beef products than to see how cattle are raised.

Bill Sharratt and his family own and operate this small cattle farm and know a thing or two about getting perfect tasting beef.

“Total digestible nutrients that comes out, but protein is a big thing that they need,” said Bill Sharratt.

The protein and nutrients for cattle come from the food they eat. On this farm, that’s mostly grass.

The soil needs to be tested regularly because a lack of soil nutrients means the cattle will not get all the nutrition they need when they eat that grass.

“If we don’t know what’s in the soil, in terms of minerals, the plant can’t take it up and the cow isn’t going to get it.”

There is a greater demand for grass fed beef these days, partly because consumers see it as a more healthy choice. But many people do not like grass fed beef because it’s leaner and fat content is what gives beef a lot of its taste.

“You want this but you don’t want that, and trying to make that happen becomes difficult.”

And while trying to figure out exactly what beef eaters want can be difficult, the years of experience Bill has with a cattle farm  helped make him an expert.

“The feedback is that they keep coming back for more, and that’s the best advertising or best indicator of the quality because they have the choice of going to super one or cub.”

Now with some knowledge about raising cattle, let’s begin our trip to three Northland locations as we search for the best burger.

Our first stop is well known across the Twin Ports. Fitgers Brewhouse, located on Superior Street just outside Downtown Duluth. It has been around for more than twenty years. Customers keep coming back for their burgers, and their beer.

“Well the burgers are excellent, but also the fries, everyone loves the fries so I think it’s a combination of both our fries and the burgers,” said Dylan Westerlund.

The most popular burger on the menu is the wild rice burger. 

This unique vegetarian creation includes wild rice from the Red Lake Reservation in Northwest Minnesota.

The burger is offered in three different ways, the classic wild rice burger, Homestyle, and the Gale Force

The classic is the most popular is. It’s topped with cheddar cheese, garlic aioli, sprouts, tomatoes, and onions.

Not long ago the Brewhouse added a new burger to their menu which quickly caught my attention.

“Recently we just started specialing our duck burger which is ground up, topped with, jalapenos, pickled daikon, carrots, and cilantro with a hoisin barbeque sauce. “

This burger has been a big seller ever since it appeared on the menu, quickly becoming a customer favorite.

Sometimes you need that perfect beer to go with your burger. And the Brewhouse brews several selections right here.

“We always try to pair our burgers with certain beers. We do have beers that almost never change that are always on tap. We do have a 6th beer that kind of always changes.”

Even with a wide variety of burger options to choose from, sometimes customers simply enjoy the classics.

“I want cow, I want plenty of cow, and the mushroom and Swiss is probably the best,”  said Bill Van Druten.

So whether you want a duck, wild rice, or a Mushroom and Swiss burger, the Fitgers Brewhouse has you covered.

Dan and Nikki we aren’t done just yet, I have two more burger joints to stop by. One is literally in the middle of nowhere and another one has a very classic diner feel. Stay tuned we will visit their place later on in the show guys.


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