Ginos Hunt for the Best Burger Part 2

Traveling Across the Northland to Find the Best Burger

Burgers are one of Americas more iconic foods. Earlier tonight we learned about raising the cattle to get that good quality beef and stopped by one of The Northland’s favorite restaurants for some burger samples. Now we continue our search for the best burger around starting off literally in the middle of nowhere.

Welcome to the Trestle Inn. If you’ve never heard about this place before, that wouldn’t be surprising. It is very secluded. Located in the middle of the Lake Superior National Forest, Schroeder is the closest urban area after a 20 minute drive on a dirt road. But don’t let the remote location fool you, there is a reason this restaurant has been open since 1985. It’s their burgers.

“People in the woods are hungry, that’s what I learned when I bought it,” said Susan Rian.

If you are spending time in an area used for outdoor recreation like hiking, fishing, hunting, swimming, or snowmobiling, odds are at the end of the day you are going to be hungry and wanting a nice substantial meal.

“They want something fun, and something different, and something they remember. It’s funny because so often come in the trail and yell trainwreck with casualties.”

The trainwreck is the Trestle Inn’s signature burger. It is a bratwurst and beef patty with bacon and two kinds of cheese.

But Adding the casualties to the mix is the interesting part of making this customer favorite.

On top of the trainwreck, you allow the cook to decide what goes on your burger.

You don’t find out what is picked until the burger is brought to you. This is similar to dare to dine.

“It’s been a lot of fun, I’ve seen corn dogs, I’ve seen all kinds of things, eggs, onion rings, all kinds of things piled on top of it.”

For every trainwreck with casualties that’s sold, a dollar goes to the Finland Recreational Center and so far  more than $4000 has been raised.

Besides the trainwreck, the Trestle Inn offers several other options like the Minnesota Burger.

This burger is topped with tater tots and smothered in cream of mushroom soup.

The Locomotive is a bratwurst patty topped with sauerkraut, mushrooms, onions, and melted swiss cheese.

Susan wants to offer the customers something unique and different.

“If you’ve come here, you’ve come a long ways I’m convenient to know on. And I think it’s some, you’re on vacation, you want to try something new, and offer something different than the usual for them that maybe they have back at their homes.”

So if you are ever up the North Shore near Finland, it’s worth your time to search out the Trestle Inn for their unique and very filling burgers.

Our final stop on this journey leads us to Delta, Wisconsin, home of the Delta Diner. If you are looking for a true diner experience this is the place to be, from the atmosphere, to the food.

“You know, never really had any desire to own a restaurant, but diners are different, when I was twelve years old a family took a trip out east and long story short, walked in to my first stainless steel diner, and I was blown away by it,” said Todd Bucher.

The diner has been open more than a decade now and is a local favorite. Especially on Burger Mondays.

“So we get this meat in on Sunday night and its whole muscle meat we are going to trim it up and finish the butchering process after we get it from Sixth Street.”

All the patties are freshly prepared Sunday night marinating in black pepper, garlic with 50 percent chuck and 50 percent prime streak cuts mixed together.

The ground beef is not pattied but instead balled up to four tenths of a pound pieces. These are weighed exactly to make sure they are all cooked the same.

“The first time it will get compressed is when we weight it on the grill and that way you’re going to get a really nice tender burger and it’s not going to be dense.”

And to truly have a good burger you definitely need a good bun to go with it.

“Since we are doing a very specific special grind on the burger, you got to have a bun that compliments them so what we are trying to do is create our version of a new York hard roll.”

This bun has a light crust to it with very simple ingredients. It’s topped off with some sprayed water followed by sprinkling salt and baking for 12 minutes. 

Delta Diner has several burger choices.

The classic diner burger is hard fried cooked in high heat adding a crisp to the meat. It is then topped with red onions, cheddar cheese and chipotle mayo.

The chili pepper burger has Anaheim, Poblano, and Sweet Julienne peppers. It’s also hard fried and topped with pepper jack cheese.

And finally the Nina includes fresh spinach, red bell pepper, red onion, and whole cloves of jalapeno pickled garlic which gets sautéed and laid on top of the burger.

And you don’t want to forget the sides that come with these burgers too.

“Fries, onion rings, obviously, deep fried macaroni and cheese are very popular, it kind of blows your mind but it’s a good deal. And then we do a creamy slaw which you can put on your burger or do as a side.”

After all that, make sure to leave room for some dessert.

“And you know malts and shakes; we do a ton of malts and shakes.”

With such a selection on the menu, and great tasting food, Delta Diner keeps customers happy and coming for more.

“The flavor, it just rolls on forever, and the taste will always be with you until you come back for some more,” said Roberto Motel.

Burgers have been a popular favorite for the country for all these years and there is a reason why.

“I think it’s just the endless options, you can have so many toppings,” said Dylan Westerlund.

“It’s part of Americana, you know burgers, cars, motorcycles, road trips,” said Todd Bucher.

“You can make it distinctly yours, you can top it with whatever you’d like whether or not you like the ingredients that are on it, you can add different ingredients to it. So every burger can always be different,” said Dylan Westerlund.

Well Dan and Nikki after those three places you probably are wondering which restaurant I believe has the best burgers in the Northland.

You may not like my answer, but I have to give it a draw, because each place has their own unique recipe and taste which is appealing to the customer.


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