Northlanders Work to Clean Up Severe Storm Damage

Community Members Coming Together After Severe Weather

“The umbrella went flying across the deck,” Eric Larson, Duluth homeowner said.

Jack Hanson was working to repair the canopy at the Holiday store on the corner of Arlington Avenue and Rice Lake Road in Duluth.

“High winds last night with the storms took off the end of the canopy, just the high winds and Mother Nature,” Hanson said.

The Holiday gas station, a place for treats, necessities, and bathroom breaks, was now under repair.

“We are now trying to get it cleaned up so they can do their job, pumping gas,” Hanson said.

A task, torn apart by strong winds, torrential rains, and strobe light-like lightening.

“It was a typical night, we just watched the news before bed, thinking maybe there might be a little rain around 4a.m.,” Larson said.

A typical nighttime agenda, with an unplanned night of events ahead.

“We took the chance of leaving the clothes out on the lawn and not putting the clothes away,” Larson said.

After taking the chance, 3:30a.m. floated in to town.

Recalling the night before, Larson said, “We actually witnessed this tree come down.”

The Larson Family evacuated to their basement, taking precaution with every flash.

“At that point it was just blinding rain, and winds powerful enough to make you kind of want to go to the basement,” Larson said.

Having lived in the Northland for 22 years, Eric and his family have been through some harsh Northland storms, but never to this degree.

“These storms, the intensity of them seems to be ratcheting up a little bit here as of late,” Larson told FOX 21.

Nearly five different locations from London Road all the way up to Rice Lake Road on the hill had images that resembled each location.

“We heard and saw this tree come down on top of my truck.”

80 years, and many Duluthian seasons later, the Larson’s tree, is now environmental trash.

“Times like this cause you to pause a little bit,” Larson said. 

A quick pause, while cleanup begins to play for thousands in the Northland.

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