Some Rural Pockets Still Without Power

Localized Neighborhoods in Hermantown are still Without Power

As the sun sets Monday evening, more and more homes across the Northland are now lit up after five days without power.

Some homes in rural communities are still pondering why their switch hasn’t clicked on quite yet.

Hermantown resident Lary Volkenant lives almost three miles from any significant storm damage, and says his neighborhood has been dark for five days too.

His 3,200 watt generator is only keeping minimal electricity flowing to his home on Almquist Road.

Minnesota Power has dispatched crews to the Hermantown area to try and get power restored as soon as possibly.

“There are many things that can happen to a power grid, and if the power grid goes out, now were talking not inconveniences were talking lives, and that’s a real concern,” Volkenant said.

Many residents in rural areas still without power are concerned about their home septic and water systems that run on pumps. 

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