Kids Create Cards for Power Workers

Playschool Students Decide to Thank Workers After Long Outage

Workers from Minnesota Power right here in the Northland, are joining forces with crews from across the Midwest, scrambling across the City over the past few days to restore power to over 46,000 customers.

Workers have been clocking in nearly 16-hour days, but their hard labor isn’t going unnoticed by some.

It all started five days ago, a massive storm, blowing its way through the Northland, leaving thousands without power.

Many Duluthians are now able to turn the switch back on, but power crews are still working around the clock to light up the City, once again.

That’s why some young students from Secret Forest Playschool in Duluth are showing these workers their appreciation.

“They have been working really hard for us.” Brett: “What’s your favorite part about that?” “That they are helping us,” Cora Cockerham, a student at Secret Forest Playschool said.

Power workers are helping as quickly as they can. These kiddos were curious when they noticed dozens of cars in their playschool parking lot.

Curiosity then sparked conversation, creating a makeshift lesson plan for the day; making thank you cards for the power crewmembers.

“It’s teaching them a lot about our responsibility and how we are all connected and that some people can do some things to help and although we may not be able to help with the power, it’s our responsibility to take care of those people who can.” Meghan Morrow, Founder of Secret Forest Playschool said.

Morrow wants to remind her students that although power can sometimes be a necessity, it’s still a luxury we take for granted far too often.

The kids helped deliver the finished cards to cars in the parking lot this afternoon.

Aside from the typical thank you note, each card also came with a hand picked flower. 

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