Knowing Your Neighbors: Hungry Hippie Hostel

A Grand Marais couple converted their old barn into a hostel for travelers.

After finding some comfortable places to stay while hiking on the Appalachian Trail, a Grand Marais couple decided they could provide the same comforts of home to other travelers.

The Hungry Hippie Hostel gives weary hikers, snowmobilers, and tourists a groovy place to find some rest and relaxation on the North Shore.

“We really thought what we had here was a gem,” said Kate Keeble, owner of the Hungry Hippie Hostel.

Jeremy and Kate Keeble moved to just outside of Grand Marais to a farm.

“We decided what if we turned the barn into a hostel,” said Keeble.

The couple had hiked the Appalachian Trail and stayed in many of the towns and hostels along the way. The nearby Superior Hiking Trail inspired them to create a hostel.

So where horses once stood in the barn, now weary travelers can find their green pasture.

“Between building family life and building hostels, it was a little bit of a stretch but we did it,” said Keeble.

Guests can either rent one of the five private rooms with a queen-sized bed or a single bunk.

“Just trying to make an affordable place for people to stay. There’s a lot of outdoor adventure type people that want to come up to Cook County. The kind of people that are really more interested in what they’re going to do outside rather than inside, said Keeble.

As for the name, Hungry Hippie is based off the Hungry Hungry Hippo game which the Keebles recently bought for their daughter.

“It can be a little isolating up here and so just bringing a lot of people up to the area and seeing all the people really enjoy the area and meeting people from all over the country has been really fun,” said Keeble.

Since opening, hikers and even those enjoying Minnesota winters have stayed here.

“We’re in the middle of nowhere but we’re advertising all over the state pretty much,” said Keeble.

Utilizing refurbished materials from picnic tables and other barns, the Keebles have made their hostel a home.

“We didn’t really know what was in store. We’re just so grateful to have all the guests coming and to be able to share it with everybody,” said Keeble.

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