Lake Country Power Closing in on Outage Goal

"Mission: ZERO" goal is being closed in on

Lake Country Power (LCP) with help from additional co-ops and contractors, has restored electric service for nearly 26,000 members since July 21. As of the afternoon of July 26, more than 1,300 members continue to sit in the dark.

Lake Country Power has two important reminders for customers:

  1. Members are encouraged to check the main breaker in their home, cabin, or business because it may have “tripped” when power was restored.
  2. If the breaker has not been “tripped” members can verify their outage by calling LCP at 1-800-421-9959.

Today marked day six without power. Crews have been working quickly and safely to reach zero outages for rural electric co-op members.

  • Crews and equipment are clearing the way for new poles and line to be set in areas where LCP is still dealing with the devastation caused by the storm (primarily Ely, Hill City, McGregor, Floodwood, Meadownlands, and areas near Duluth. )
  • Nearly 140 field peronnel are replacing more than 200 poles and reconnecting sections of line up to a mile long through state, county, and federal forest lands.
  • Specialized off-road heavy equipment, equipped with tracks, booms and saws, are being used to clear downed trees and set new poles.

LCP expects the outages will last through Thursday or Friday, with a few outages to repair on individual services this weekend.


Tips for extended outages:

  • Make sure one of the phones in your home is not a cordless phone as these require electricity to charge, but also have a mobile phone for backup and charge it in your vehicle, if necessary.
  • Use a battery powered flashlight, not candles.
  • Keep a battery operated radio handy to listen for outage information and updates
  • Turn off electrical equipment you were using before the power went out
  • Keep refrigerator and freezer doors closed. Food should keep for up to 48 hours in a freezer, if the door remains closed. If the outage persists, cover your refrigerator or freezer with a blanket, make arrangements to store food at another location, or purchase dry ice.
  • Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated.
  • Essential supplies: flashlight, batteries, radio, extra supply of water, food.
  • Turn off and unplug your computer if you were using it. Buy a surge protector to protect the machine when power comes back on.
  • Keep extra water on hand in jugs or the bathroom tub for flushing the toilet as needed.

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