Animal Answers: Canal Bark

Northland Dogs and Cats Are Barking for Reservations at Canal Bark

It’s common for us humans to take a break from our busy work schedules, and spend a day at the spa.

Pets across the Northland are now leashed on the same idea, with the benefit of staying active during their owners long work hours.

“We meet so many cool people and great pets and I think Duluth was ready for a place like this,” Andrea Schokker, Owner at Canal Park said.

Canal Park, a location where thousands gather every year to relax, vacation, and exercise with a view.

“We really wanted something that said Duluth,” Schokker said.

Schoker has a love for her City, one that pairs well with love, for her four legged friends.

Schokker exclaimed, “Every dog has a place here!”

Located less than ten miles from Canal Park, Canal Bark is located on Airpark Boulevard.

“Even though our name says Canal Bark, we wanted to have something that resembled Duluth with the Canal Bark name, but we are actually up by the airport,” Schokker said.

Convenience, paired with comfort, for these furry family members.

“We tried to make this in to a pet one stop for dogs and cats, so we have a big retail area where we carry food and pet products, we also have grooming,” Schokker said.

And that’s not even the bulk of the treats offered at this luxury location.

“And then we have day camp for dogs and we have started a number of training classes as well.”

A one stop shop, with 24 doggie rooms, 18 kitty condos, and options for a one-day-play.

A so called pet palace, with over 20 employees, keeping the animals busy during your long work day.

“And what happens is they come in and they get to play with friends but they also have puzzle activities, nap time, so everyone can time out and start over again,” Schokker said.

Whether it be a cat nap, or a daydreaming dog, relaxation along with playtime and friendship are key elements to a perfect stay at Canal Bark.

Schokker says, “Basically we’re here to make sure the dogs have a lot of fun. This really keeps them happy and happy to see you when you come home so you can spend some quality time with them.”

Prioritizing quality at-home time, over the quantity of hours during the work day.

“Our favorite is when a new daycare dog comes in and they spend the day at the day camp, we get pictures in the evening of the dog happily resting on the couch after the end of a fun day,” Schokker said.

A vacation full of fun, with a schedule to keep everyone in line.

“Our check in is like a hotel, so when you come in, you can bring your dog in anytime during the day, and they pay just for the nights that they spend here,” Schokker said.

Then pack up the toys, and checkout by one p-m the next day.

Day camp dogs are divided by size, and behavior.

The owners and employees at Canal Bark are focusing not only on their service for the pets, but also the people.

Staff is extremely well trained and on location 24/7, even during holidays.

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