Man Who Attempted to Assassinate Reagan Granted Freedom

John Hinckley Jr. attempted to kill Reagan on March 30, 1981

On March 30, 1981, John Hinckley Jr. attempted to shoot and kill President Ronald Regan outside of the Washington Hilton Hotel. Hinckley fired six shots, where he hit four people, including Reagan, who suffered a wound when a bullet bounced off the presidential limo.

Press Secretary James Brady was shot in the right side of the head and sustained serious injuries. Brady later died in August 2014, his death was ruled as a homicide.

Hinckley had been arrested on the scene, but was later found not guilty due to reason of mental insanity. He allegedly tired to kill Reagan to gain the affection of Jodie Foster.

Hinckley is now being released from a Washington mental hospital and will live full-time in Virginia.

Judge Paul Friedman ruled on Wednesday that Hinckley is ready to live in the community. Friedman’s ruling comes more than 35 years after the attempted assassination.

Doctors have said for years that the now 61-year-old, is no longer plagued by the mental illness that drove him to shoot Reagan.

For more than a year he’s been allowed to spend 17 days a month at his mother’s Virginia home, where he will now live full-time.

There will be some restrictions to Hinckley’s freedom, Judge Friedman ruled that he will have to attend individual and group therapy sessions and is barred from talking to the media. He is allowed to drive, but there are restrictions on how far he can travel – the Secret Service will also periodically follow him.

He will be required to return to Washington once a month for doctors to check on his mental state. He will not be allowed to try to contact surviving victims and their families, along with Jodie Foster.

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