Ely Tree Disposal Sites

Guidelines for disposal sites

Property owners in the Ely area impacted by the strong storm on July 21 who find themselves with a lot of tree and brush debris now have collection sites open to them.

Lake County, St. Louis County, MN DNR, and the Forest Service have opened several gravel pits to take wood debris from individuals free of charge.

Because Lake County is under quarantine due to the presence of Gypsy Moths, NO Debris can be transported out of Lake County. To prevent the spread of pests, St. Louis County debris should stay within 50 miles of its origin.

Guidelines for Disposal Sites:

  • Bring brush and small trees no more than 6 inches in diameter.
  • Only clean vegetation is allowed because debris will be mulched or controlled burned.
  • Please add to the main pile only, do not create additional piles.
  • The Glipi Pit on Fernberg Road will be open Noon-8:00 p.m. Mondays thru Saturdays.
  • No lumber, building material, demolition, trash, or garbage allowed.
  • All sites will be monitored for illegal dumping

Debris Collection Sites:
Grassy Lake Pit
Spawn Creek Pit
Cloquet Line Pit
Glipi Pit
Moose Lake Pit
Ojibway Pit
Snowbank Pit

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