Knowing Your Neighbors: The Beaver House

The Beaver House in Grand Marais sells fishing lures sure to reel in the big one.

When tourists and locals alike go fishing near Grand Marais, there’s one place everyone stops first.

It’s not too hard to find, one just needs to look for one of the largest walleyes around.

Beaver House owner Tyson Cronberg might be hooked on making fishing lures. He’s held other jobs including being a blackjack dealer in Las Vegas, but the family business caught him hook, line, and sinker.

“I love fishing. I love talking about fishing and teaching people how to fish,” said Cronberg.

Cronberg’s dad and uncle started the Beaver House in Grand Marais in 1964. It began as a clothing store and shoe repair shop that also sold fishing lures. However when the lures began selling better than everything else, they dropped the clothing and shoes.

“I don’t remember names but I recognize thousands of faces,” said Cronberg.

Tyson’s uncle eventually sold his share of the business to his dad. His father and mother ran the business until their deaths in 2013.

“I was really fortunate I got to work with my parents my whole life,” said Cronberg.

It left the future of the business like a fish out of water.

“For three summers we didn’t know what was going to happen because it was for sale,” said Cronberg.

But with the help of friends and family, Cronberg bought the Beaver House and remodeled it.

“All the people, they know who they are, those who helped make this place better than before than what it was before in the past. I’m very thankful and fortunate,” said Cronberg.

Now this Beaver House is not only home to a walleye coming through the roof, but a whole lot of fishing stories caught with Beaver Flicks, the lure Tyson’s brother created.

“Never had one brought back and I’ve been guaranteeing them for forty years,” said Cronberg.

This is one business that lures them all in.

“The fishing is good right now,” said Cronberg.

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