Strong Storms Put a Damper on Some Spirit Valley Days Vendors

Vendors Wake Up to Material Damage from Overnight Storms

It’s day two of the popular Spirit Valley Days Celebration and while festivities continue through the weekend, many vendors woke up on Thursday morning to devastation.

The strong storms that rumbled through the Northland overnight and into the early morning didn’t bother many residents, but left a mark on tents and materials set up in West Duluth.

Tents and tarps were torn down by strong winds and torrential rain.

Many were left to pick up the mess, and figure out how to get their stands back up and running.

Brad Vanderbrook, a vendor at Spirit Valley Days said, “A lot of times when I go to shows like this you know, people are from out of town, you know Cloquet or whatever, you know a lot of times they are out of town. The lady down there she’s saying I don’t know what I’m going to do, I don’t know what I’m going to do.”

Happening Thursday night, the annual Spirit Valley Days Parade kicks off at 6:00p.m., followed by an evening of live music and street dancing.  

“It’s a big money maker for me because it’s just a big event with a lot of people coming to it and especially on the Friday nights I do really well on the Friday nights,” Vanderbrook said. 

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