UW to ask for Additional Money and an End to Tuition Freeze

UWS Releases Statement

University of Wisconsin System leaders plan to ask Gov. Scott Walker to lift a tuition freeze and give them about $40 million more in aid in the next state budget.

Republicans froze in-state tuition in the 2013-15 budget.

They extended the freeze and cut $250 million from the system in the 2015-17 budget.

System President Ray Cross says the system’s 2017-19 budget request will ask lawmakers to allow regents to set tuition rates and for an additional $42.5 million to help shorten time to graduation, expand programs offering high school students college credits and expand student internship programs.

He says the budget won’t include any requests for additional money to fund fringe benefits and utility expenses.

Cross says it’s time to re-invest in the system.

Daniel Fanning, communications director at UWS, released the following statement Tuesday:

“This budget proposal is a very measured, reasonable step forward to help assure the University of Wisconsin System has what it needs to continue to serve our students the best we possibly can.

A top priority of UW-Superior is keeping tuition as affordable as possible and ensuring our quality higher education is accessible for our current and prospective students. After several years of a tuition freeze, with state budget cuts and no new state revenue, UW Superior and other UW schools have cut all we reasonably can without impacting the student experience. A continued freeze without any increased state investment could result in fewer classes being offered meaning it could take students more time to graduate. Now is the the time to invest in higher education, help students graduate in four years or less, and support the state’s future workforce and economy.

For the second year in a row, UW-Superior will see a dramatic increase in freshmen enrollment. Fall 2016 will actually be the largest incoming freshmen class in many years. Additional state revenue will help support our growth while ensuring UW-Superior continues to have the most affordable quality education in the region.”

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