Firefighters Tell Community Members to be Safe Around Tree Debris

Dry Debris Can Cause Fires and Other Hazards

After a series of storms, many yards across the Northland are still filled with debris piles and keeping those piles around too long can be potentially dangerous.

Firefighters say it is best to try and get these piles cleaned up and removed as soon as possible.

Leaving too much tree debris sitting around can be hazardous because it is very flammable.

Firefighters encourage homeowners to keep tree debris in small and manageable areas away from anything that could be combustable.

Steve Edwards, the Battalion Chief with the Superior Fire Department, said “We request that when they pile it up in their yards they do it in small and manageable piles and also away from combustibles.”

There are also many private businesses out there you can hire to help with removing debris from your property.

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