Knowing Your Neighbors: McQuade’s Herbs, Spices and More

Local Shop in Two Harbors Looks to Spice up Business Along the North Shore

When you think of the North Shore, multiple gift shops, Northern cuisine, and beautiful scenery probably comes to mind.

One Two Harbors native was looking to spice up his vision of home, and is doing just that.

“First thing anyone ever says coming in the door is “oh it smells so good in here!” Every time, no matter what, it’s always the first thing,” Frank McQuade, Owner of McQuade’s Herbs, Spices and More said.

On a cold, gloomy day along the Shore of Lake Superior, things tend to get a bit dreary from time-to-time.

McQuade remarked, “I’ve been cooking my whole life in restaurants.”

Growing up in the City of Two Harbors, and living in Kentucky for nearly four years, Frank met his wife, and eventually ended back up in the Northern half of the country.

A North Shore native, spicing things up.

“We have close to 40 blends if not more now and 120 spices and herbs,” McQuade said.

With a passion, for his profession, and a heart stuck in the North Shore, Frank says business is going well, having been open since the Heritage Day’s Festival back in July. He says the community has certainly proven they enjoy this new business in town.

Frank decided a while ago to season his family tree, starting his own business similar to his Grandpa back in Wisconsin.

“I have spices, herbs, custom blends, also a full espresso bar,” McQuade said.

“We are coming up with new blends all the time; I have a lot of family coming in here and helping me with blends too.”

Blends, for a variety of palates. Recently, Frank and family decided to meet the needs of the North Shore fish lovers, creating a new lake trout blend.

McQuade said, “This one is really good! At least once a week I try to put something new on the shelves.”

The new shop is seeing a variety of different spices, fly out of the door.

“Business is about twice as good as I wanted to do in the first place so that’s always good and just been doing better and better each day,” McQuade said.

Every day, a new beginning for this zesty business owner.

“I love cooking but I kind of want to get out of it commercially I guess you could say and do it more at home, more for family and still be in the restaurant business but just not behind the line,” McQuade said.

One phase of his cooking career, simmering down and cooling off while connections with local businesses begin to spark up.

“I have been meeting with various businesses and working out deals with them so that has really helped me out too,” McQuade said.

With a focus of wholesale, Frank hopes to continue his journey North, selling not only to locations all across the country, but locally to businesses along the North Shore of beautiful Lake Superior.

“We have had tourists, locals, it’s been a kind of a really good mix of everyone which is nice,” McQuade said.

McQuades Herbs, Spices and More is open bright and early from 7:00a.m. until 5p.m., seven days a week.

Frank does many cool promotional contests on the shop’s Facebook page, so make sure to head on over and like McQuades Facebook. The spice shop is located at 631 1st Avenue in Two Harbors, Minnesota.




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