Minnesota Ballet Recovers Costumes After Storm

The Minnesota Ballet got their first look at damaged costumes.

High winds from that big storm back in July destroyed the roof of the Board of Trade building and left the Minnesota ballet wondering about the condition of thousands of dollars worth of costumes.

The ballet’s costumes were buried after the building collapsed. Monday, they got their first look at the costumes and the damage was not as bad as they originally thought. Some suffered a little damage but most will just need to be cleaned.

The support they’ve received has been a good reminder of the community they are a part of.

“It’s amazing. This community and the artistic community as a whole in the United States how much we are a community when we can pull together and we care about each other. This community has been so wonderful to us,” said Executive Director Robert Gardner.

Many of the ballet’s masks had been crushed, but some will be able to be salvaged. The ballet is still looking for a studio space while their building is being repaired.

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