Animal Answers: Keeping Your Dogs Calm with Crowds

The Tall Ships Festival and Animals: What You Need to Know

With the much anticipated Tall Ships Festival kicking off Thursday, we wanted to know if it’s better to take your pups with, or more beneficial to leave them at home.

An anticipated 300,000 people will be sailing in to Canal Park over the weekend, which means hundreds of thousands of man’s best friend could be following right along.

It’s important to remember a few things.

First, outdoor festivals can be crowded. Many dogs get uncomfortable and stressed in situations such as Tall Ships.

Veterinarian Steve Schuder with the Duluth Veterinarian Hospital reminds us to be mindful of your dog’s comfort level.

“Dogs would rather not be in that kind of environment unless they have been in it a lot in the past so if you want to go see the tall ships, best advice I would give is leave your dog at home, take them for a walk somewhere else in a more quiet area,” Schuder said.

Also remember to bring a proper leash if you are headed down to see the seven Tall Ships, or the big rubber duck.

Hydrate your pet regularly. Many dog-friendly festivals offer cooling and water stations, but make sure to bring water and a travel bowl for your dog.

Schuder says to remember its still summer, so expect it to be hot.

Consider attending events earlier in the day, before things begin to heat up next to the water.

“Dogs don’t sweat like we do so they have a lot harder time cooling themselves down on hot sunny days so the best thing is your animals still need exercise but do it in the cooler part of the day, do it first thing in the morning,” Schuder said.

Remember our pups have sensitive paws. Hot pavement can burn your dog’s pads, so a good rule to remember is if it’s too hot for your feet, it’s also too hot for your dog.

No animals (except service animals) will be allowed near the Tall Ships.


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