Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson on the Campaign Trail

Ron Johnson Confident in Election Win

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson is back on the campaign trail, and made a media stop in Duluth earlier this morning.

The Republican senator is running against long-standing Democratic Senator Russ Feingold, whose seat he took in a close race six years ago

When he defeated Senator Feingold in 2010, it was the first time Senator Johnson had ever run for any public office.

“My background is exactly the kind of background we need in public office today,” Senator Johnson said. “That private sector background, knowing how to grow an economy – versus a career politician that only knows how to grow government.”

He says his six years in Washington have not changed him:

“Using a businessperson, outsider approach, trying to find areas of agreement to unify us as opposed to exploiting our differences.”

Facing this grudge match with the former senator who is trying to reclaim his seat in the U.S. Capitol, Senator Johnson says he is confident he will win the election in November.

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