Tips for Healthy Back-to-School Eating

As Kids of All Ages Head Back to School, Experts Remind of Healthy Eating

As students prepare to head back to school, it can be a difficult task for parents to deal with hot or cold lunch every day.

St. Luke’s Hospital Clinical Dietitian Brenda Schwerdt visited FOX 21 Sunrise Thursday morning, to break down some of the major tips to help make your life easier.

First, Schwerdt suggests to always start the day off with breakfast, as research shows kids do much better when they eat a healthy breakfast.

Plan ahead; grab some quick items that still have health benefits such as yogurt, cottage cheese and hard boiled eggs.

Mix up the toppings on your toast; try peanut butter, cream cheese, cottage cheese and tomatoes.

Try a sandwich on a tortilla or pita bread. Which ever source of bread you choose, make sure it’s whole grain.

Pack hot foods such as soup, and preheat the thermos with hot water so it stay warmer, longer.

Keep foods cold by freezing wet sponges, and putting them in a plastic baggie.

Mason jars can be used as containers for salad dressing or other items.

For more information, check out Tips for all ages are included.

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