Day One of Tall Ships Brings Thousands into Twin Ports and Even More Memories

The Tall Ships Festival set sail with the Parade of Sail under the Lift Bridge.

Tall ships sailed into Duluth and the large vessels were greeted by thousands when they went under the iconic Lift Bridge.

It’s one event some festival goers called the highlight of their summer.

Thousands waited for the Parade of Sail and to catch a glimpse of their favorite ship.

Many will ship out with memories of a lifetime as they watched just how tall the ships were.

“I like seeing how close they get to getting to breaking off on the bridge,” said Jacob Pesta from Long Prairie, Minnesota.

No ships broke on the bridge as the festival brought in hundreds of thousands for Tall Ships 2016.

“It’s been quite an adventure,” said Samantha Pesta also of Long Prairie, Minnesota.

Some will brag to their friends back home about seeing all the tall ships.

“I got to see the largest rubber ducky ever. I would say that and I got to be on the news,” said cousins Mackenzie and Paulina.

Imaginations even rose as high as the masts and sails.

“They’re huge and they have lots of weird names for them like old red flag over there and I’m making these names up I have no idea what their names are,” said Arthur and Kai of Duluth.

While learning their exact names might’ve been tough, one ship out sailed the rest in popularity.

“The rubber ducky with the British one,” said Maccallan who visited the festival with his family.

“It was just cool to see something so giant and unusual like that,” said Pesta.

“I thought it was really cool and gigantic and wooh,” said Abigail Lee of Biwabik.

“I really do like pirate ships and the big rubber ducky. I’m happy to see that the big rubber ducky and happy to be here at this time,” said Maverick who enjoyed Tall Ships.

Some enjoyed ships that came from a little closer to home, especially from the U.S. Coast Guard.

“I think it was the first one just because of the water spraying it definitely wasn’t the coolest but the water spraying looked pretty cool,” said Mitchell from Woodbury.

No matter which tall ship they came to see, memories were the wind behind these sails.

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