Crews Clean Up After Tall Ships

Tall Ships Brought More than 300,000 People and Millions of Dollars to Duluth

Tall Ships wrapped up Sunday evening, and crews are working to make Canal Park look as clean as before the big event.

The event drew more than 300,000 people, and brought in millions of dollars in to Duluth. Organizers say, for such a big event, the clean-up goes relatively fast.

“We have to be a little more precise with what we’re doing when we’re setting it up, but when we’re tearing it down we literally, you know, pick the stuff up and throw it on a truck,” said Craig Samborski, the Executive Director of Draw Events. “So like the duck for example, she tears down quickly like in about 4 hours, but it takes a day and a half to put her up.”

Clean ups are expected to be finished by the end of the day.

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