Superior Street Utility Project Begins

Work will commence during the weeks of August 22 and 29

Utility crews will be preparing to line the 100+ year old sewer pipes under Superior Street between 4th Avenue West and 4th Avenue East in preparation for future Superior Street Reconstruction.

The work will commence during the weeks of August 22 and 29.

The public should not experience any road closures as the work will be contained to one vehicle and underground sewer work. Crews will begin with cleaning the underground sewer pipes before lining can occur.

Cleaning is expected to be completed in early September and lining will begin.

Sanitary sewer service may be interrupted for 24 hours during this time. Larger commercial properties will have bypass service, but crews will need to dig to access the sewer line directly in front of that business.

Smaller commercial properties that do not use a lot of water will not notice the interruption. Businesses will be notified 24 hours before lining occurs.

Interruptions to service will be limited to night time hours whenever possible, and excavations for temporary bypasses will occur during the day.

The total time frame for the project is slated to take approximately six weeks.

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