Tall Ships Organizers Address Long Lines

Some Report Waiting 5 Hours To Tour Ships

Tall Ships Duluth organizers say this weekend’s festival actually drew in more people than they expected.

The exact numbers aren’t in, but they believe about 30 percent more people came this weekend then they did to the last Tall Ships festival in 2013.

With those extra people came some long lines, people reported waiting about 5 hours to tour some ships.

“There is no way around the long lines if you have a large amount of people, that’s just how it is,” said director of marketing Abigail Mlinar. “One of the things that attributed to that is missing out on the Draken, if we would have had another vessel to tour it would cut the pressure.”

The Draken, is the Viking ship that cancelled this year’s appearance due to costs.

Organizers also say the long lines were due to the popularity of the ships and low ticket prices.

The next Tall Ships will be held in 2019.

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